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Do you run "Live Play" drills only to be disappointed that your runners aren't hustling? (or maybe you have a coach jogging the bases?) 
Here's a drill that works on base running and bunt defense as well as giving your (often neglected) catchers some much needed position-specific practice.

Runners Running


With runners standing at home and first base, the coach (who is behind the catcher)
will toss the ball over the catchers shoulder simulating a bunt

The catcher fields the bunt, decides which runner to throw out, and makes the throw.

One point goes to defense if the runner is thrown out at first and two points if the runner is thrown out at second.

Offense earns one point for reaching second safely and one-half point for reaching first safely.

Whichever team earns five points first, wins!

You can run this with players at C, 1,2,SS and 2 runners, working on throws to first & second
or put in a full infield/full defense with multiple runners and vary the scenarios for plays to any & all bases

by posted 09/12/2014

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GLLSOW programs offer the best opportunity for your daughter to learn the necessary skills to play softball at the middle school, high school and collegiate level.

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Because Diamonds Are
Best Friend!

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