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Winter Session Update

The Winter Session at The Storm
is Canceled for Monday, January 26th.
See you next week


by posted 01/25/2015

NEW Registration UPDATE! NEW

There will be a registration session Saturday Jan 31 at Park & Rec in room #3 from 10am - 2pm.

Sign up now and you can join us for the FREE winter-session clinics Monday nights from 6-9 at The Storm in North Haven. See below (on the website) for more info.

Also, there are still 8 weeks of pitching lessons left
(Weds nights at Cook Hill School).
These are currently small group sessions. 

See below (on the website) for more info.


by posted 01/23/2015
2015 Pitching Clinics







by posted 01/14/2015
Online Registration Spring 2015

Online Registration for Spring 2015 is Open!!!!!

by posted 11/24/2014
Winter Session Updates

Please Note:

Winter Sessions started up again on January 12th.

In order to participate, you must be registered for the 2015 season.

Registration sessions will be held at the Park & Rec building:

Jan 9,  6-9 pm
Jan 10, 10am to 2pm

Jan 23,  6-9 pm
Jan 24, 10am to 2pm  

Feb 7, 10am to 2pm    

and you should be able to register at "The Storm" during the Monday sessions.


We have acquired "The Storm" training facility on Monday nights for winter workouts. The Storm is located at: 
136 Middletown ave. 
North Haven 
It's the tan warehouse behind Formosa restaurant.
These sessions (until Jan 1) are open for any player who is registered 2014. After Jan 1, you will need to be registered for 2015.  We expect to have someone there who can register you at any of the sessions, so you can register early for next year. 
The first night you come a parent must accompany you to sign a waiver for the owner of the property. 

We will start at 6:30pm.  

The sessions will be open to all ages, until we see what the turnout is. If necessary, we will set time slots for different age groups, but we like to have the younger girls work with older girls. We feel they all benefit from working together; the younger girls have role models and the older girls get a different perspective on the game.  

If you have any questions, please ask and yes, there is a batting cage.

Thank you,

Scott A. Weborg
President GLLSOW
League Phone            203-909-1360
Emergency Number   203-581-1271

by posted 11/09/2014
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